Peter Paleologos

The Australian Youth Footballer Regulatory Guide

Jorge Knijnik

The World Cup Chronicles

31 Days that Rocked Brazil

Greg Werner

Encyclopdia of Matildas

Antony Sutton

Support Your Local League 

A South East Asian Football Odyssey

Texi Smith

Introducing Jarrod Black and Jarrod Black - Hospital Pass.

George Tsitsonis

Achieving the Impossible: 

The Remarkable Story of How Greece Won EURO 200

David Picken

The Time of My Football Life

(Or how I spent my long service leave)

Peter Kunz

Chronicles of Australian Soccer: The Foundation Years, 1859 - 1949

Bonita Mersiades

Whatever It Takes - the Inside Story of the FIFA Way

Greg Downes

Dedicated Lives: Untold Stories  of the pioneers of women's football in Australia.

John Maynard

The Aboriginal Soccer Tribe

Jason Goldsmith

Surfing for Australia

The Lost Socceroos

Trevor Thompson

Playing for Australia

The First Socceroos, Asia and World Football

Andrew Howe

Encyclopedia of Socceroos

and Encyclopedia of Matildas

Matthew Hall

'If I Started To Cry, I Wouldn't Stop 

Designers & Illustrators

Daisy Harris

The Record Holders

player cards and poster

Leslie Priestley


Retta Laraway



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