Manjits and the Tandoor of Secrets
Manjits and the Tandoor of Secrets

Manjits and the Tandoor of Secrets


Author: Michael Cain

Who would think that a recipe for Butter Chicken could be so important?

But to the Manjit family it is, and it is also symbolic of their brand and core values, evolving into something more contemporary. 

Manjits was one of the first Indian restaurants to open in Australia, and today has multiple sites across Sydney and Wollongong including a catering division and event management division.

But while Manjits is a successful business story, it is also a migrant story; one with all the highs and lows, and challenges, opportunities, and setbacks that many migrants encounter, as well as what happens when the second generation wants to start doing things their own way. 

In Manjits and the Tandoor of Secrets, Michael Cain talks to all members of the Manjit family, as well as colleagues and friends, revealing a tandoor of secrets that readers will find fascinating and amusing and, with 16 recipes included, also delicious!

Manjits and the Tandoor of Secrets is available in October 2022.

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Format: Softcover
Published: October 2022
ISBN: 978-1-925914-28-3, 978-1-925914-29-0 (ePub)
Weight: tba
Size: 244mmx170mm
Pages: tba
Imprint: Pepper Press