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Theme: The Letter 'T'

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MARCH 2021

Theme: The Letter 'T'

Tricampeões! The communist coach, the despot and the Seleção’s 1970 third world title

Jorge Knijnik


The Life and Loss of Tommy Taylor

Michael Renouf


Trailblazer: Breaking Down the Spanish Barrier

John Davidson


In Conversation with Archie Thompson

Clement Tito


Terminology - the A to Z of football

Stuart Thomas


Football: Terrific. Tremendous. Tumultuous. Tantalising.

Sally Freedman


The pivotal role of #SokkahTwitter in Australian football’s future

Jack George


TV rights: The next phase for Australian football

Ben Somerford


The tapestry of football - where have Australia's best players come from?

Andrew Howe


Issue: December 2020

Theme: 2020 Vision



Play On - July - cover.png

Issue: July 2020

Theme: 1982




Issue: April 2020

Theme: Old Soccer, New Football


PLAY ON - September.png

Issue: September 2020

Theme: The Letter 'M'



PLAY ON - JUNE 2020 - cover.png

Issue: June 2020

Theme: Football Futures



Play On Cover August 2020.png

Issue: August 2020

Theme: 5



Play On - May 2020.png

Issue: May 2020

Theme: The Coach