Author: Peter Kunz


Chronicles of Australian Soccer details the development of football (or soccer as it was then known) in Australia in a period where records barely existed – from 1859 to 1949. 

It does so within a context of Australia’s geographic and cultural isolation, and the attitudes towards race and class. 

Finding some of these records has meant years of dedicated research to track clubs and games from every part of the country, presented chronologically. 

Peter Kunz has written a truly phenomenal account of Australia’s soccer history which is of value to the football anorak as well as those interested in Australian history in the latter part of the 19th century and first half of the 20th century. 


Also included is a 130 page appendix listing all clubs up to 1949, and 16 pages of black and white historical images (some never seen before).


Chronicles of Soccer in Australia - The Foundation Years, 1859 to 1949

  • Format:  Paperback 

    Published:  July 2019

    ISBN:  978-0-6484073-6-2

    978-0-6484073-7-9 (ePub)

    Weight: 475g

    Size:  140mm x 216mm

    Pages:  330 including 16 pages of black and white historical images and a 130 page appendix lising all clubs in Australia up to 1949

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