'Portraits in Football' is a selection of photographs that tell Australia's football history in original black and white photographs that have returned to Australia in 2021. Once part of the old Fairfax Media Photo Archive, the collection of 19,250 original football photos have been in the USA for the past nine years after Fairfax Media sold them. They return to Australia thanks to some benefactors wishing to help preserve football history for Australia. 


'Portraits in Football' will contain a small selection of the overall collection curated by Bonita Mersiades with a brief written history of the provenance of each photo. 


Fair Play Publishing is now offering for sale a limited number of Souvenir Editions. 


Each purchaser of a Souvenir Edition will receive an exclusive, numbered edition in hardback, with a dust cover and slip case, and their name and numbered edition listed in the back of the book, as well as one entry ticket to one of the exhibitions of a selection of the photographs towards the end of 2021. 


Please note that 'Portraits in Football' will not be available until November 2021.


As well as the exclusive, numbered Souvenir Edition, the book will be available in a soft cover version, and available to purchase later in the year.

Portraits in Football - Souvenir Edition

  • Format:  Hardcover with dust jacket and slip case

    Published:  October 2021

    ISBN:  978-1-925914-27-6

    Weight: 2kg (to be confirmed)

    Size:  A4 landscape

    Pages:  120 (estimated)

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