Author: Matthew Hall


The book that set the benchmark for books on Australian football, Matthew Hall's The Away Game is one of the most popular books of its kind and has even been made into an eponymous documentary. 


First published in 2000, this 20th anniversary edition contains an updated Introduction from Matthew, an updated Epilogue, as well as a new photographic collection. 


Written with a genuine passion for the game, The Away Game gets beyond the usual stories and takes us to the soul of Australians plying their trade overseas: from the English Premier League to the Bundesliga, and from Serie A to Wollongong. Hall travelled around the world for more than a year meeting everyone from players whose names are not known struggling in little known competitions, through to multimillion dollar superstars such as Mark Viduka and Harry Kewell. 

The Away Game - 20th anniversary edition

  • This Format: Paperback

    Published:  October 2020 (First published 2000)

    ISBN:  978-1-925914-19-1

    Weight: 0.5kg

    Size:  216mm x 140mm

    Pages:  276 (including 8 pages of colour pictures)

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