Aston Villa's 1982 European Cup win was the most romantic in football history in many ways. And yet, set against the backdrop of English dominance in the competition, it is also a forgotten achievement.


Having been promoted seven years earlier under the club's iconic manager, Ron Saunders, Villa became unlikely First Division champions in 1981. With steady progress being made in the European Cup competition the following season, Saunders suddenly resigned, citing a lack of support form the Board and a lack of investment in a team he wanted to improve. Though Villa made it to the Final, surprising Bayern Munich under the guidance of Tony Barton, the club quickly was demoted to the Second Division. 


Journalist and author Richard Sydenham's book details Villa's improbable rise and then its dramatic fall through exclusive testimonies from the big movers and shakers of the time: the managers, players, chairmen. By taking readers inside the Board room, revealing through the minutes of meeting who said what to whom, Sydenham paints a vivid portrayal that covers more than 20 years of turbulent football history in the Midlands.


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Ticket to the Moon: Aston Villa: The Rise & Fall of a European Champion

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