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Jorge Knijnik

Jorge Knijnik

Jorge Knijnik was born in the Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil's southernmost state. He moved to Sao Paulo with his family as a child and began his love for football whilst watching Pele play in the Pacaembu stadium. 

Jorge writes and researches on a number of topics, including sport in society, culture, and history; gender and human rights in education; physical education pedagogies; drama studies; and fandom culture.   

Jorge's current research examines the socialisation process among football fans in Greater Western Sydney and how football fandom has the potential to significantly contribute to community cohesion and regeneration in the area. He is also involved in a number of projects that examine the politically and culturally contradictory legacies of sports mega-events in Brazil. 

Jorge is an Associate Professor at the Western Sydney University (School of Education and Institute for Culture & Society). He lives in Sydney with his wife and four children, where he enjoys the beautiful beaches and his bike rides—but misses the Brazilian rhythms. 

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