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Michael Renouf

Michael Renouf

Michael Renouf, almost lifelong football fan, sportswriter, occasional gambling man, and keen supporter of a team he dare not mention in case it puts you off buying this book, grew up in a small Wiltshire village in the UK. He was five years old when he realized there was a beautiful game beyond playing with matchbox cars and now in his 50s, not much has changed.

In 2015 he relocated to Mexico and began writing professionally, penning film reviews and sports features for magazines and websites around the world. Although he has left the country for sunnier climes he still supports England but thanks to their performances at previous tournaments now fervently hopes rather than believes, as he did for many years, that he will witness them lift the World Cup one day.

He lives with his long-term partner Gail, who doesn’t support his team or totally gets the offside rule, and lovable rescue dog Princesa, who has never chased a ball in her life. 

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