About Us


Fair play and good sportsmanship go hand-in-hand. Something we believe in so strongly, we've named our publishing house after it.
Fair Play Publishing was founded in 2016 by Bonita Mersiades in Sydney.
We accept submissions of manuscripts relevant either to our Football, Fiction or Life imprints to email hello@fairplaypublishing.com.au.
Fair Play Publishing is also our principal imprint, and is dedicated to non-fiction books about football.

Popcorn Press is our imprint dedicated to providing a platform to writers of fiction books and shorter publications. Something that can be read in the same time that it takes to watch a football match!  

Pepper Press is our imprint for books about life. Biographies, memoirs, culture, diversity. 


For Australia and New Zealand trade inquiries, please contact our distributor Woodslane.


+61 (2) 84452300

For all other international trade inquiries, please contact us directly.


We are members of the Australian Publishers Association, the Small Press Network and Arts Hub.