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Marius Lien

Marius Lien

Marius Lien is a journalist and writer. He started is career in journalism in 1999, and football was among his preferred subjects from the beginning.

Since then he has written about football, literature, film and music for several newspapers and outlets in Norway. He worked as a culture journalist in the weekly newspaper Morgenbladet for more than ten years. In 2009 he co-founded the football magazine Josimar, with his friend Frode da Costa-Lia. Josimar has since then grown into a leading publication for criticism of FIFA and of the economic and moral exploitation of modern football, receiving several prices for its independent journalism.

Marius has published eleven books, primarily non-fiction about football and music, as well as one mini-novel. In 2014 he was shortlisted for the Norwegian literary critic’s prize for Best Non Fiction, for his book about Brazilian Football.

Marius has studied anthropology, contemporary religion, and film history. He prefers to call his method ‘anthropological journalism’, and his texts have been translated into several languages, among them English, German, Portuguese and Swedish.

In his spare time, Marius likes to play football, and he tries to keep up with the youngsters in the lower, local leagues in the south-east of Norway. 

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