Collection: Peter Kunz

Peter Kunz

Peter Kunz

Peter Kunz is a retired Canberra-based librarian and researcher who has worked for cultural institutions such as the National Library of Australia and the National Film and Sound Archive.

 From the late 1960s, he played amateur soccer in Canberra and was also a soccer referee and a correspondent for the Soccer World newspaper in the 1970s.

 He was a keen supporter of the defunct Canberra City and Canberra Cosmos NSL clubs.

 His principal interest has been historical research, which has led to the investigation of the early development of soccer in Australia as well as the curation of Australian soccer memorabilia.

 Son of an Australian mother and a Hungarian immigrant, Peter’s formative years were spent in Sydney in the early 1960s watching and supporting the St George-Budapest soccer club. 

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