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Michael Fiddian

Michael Fiddian

Coming from a family whose idea of fun on a weekend was to go to the local library, it was inevitable that Michael Fiddian would end up writing a book.

Starting his writing career in primary school and then sporadically writing plays and articles over the next decades, he has written internationally produced short and full length plays, with his YA play The Kids Are Alright being nominated for best new play at the 2014 CONDA Awards in Newcastle.

As part of his career as a teacher, he is passionate about the education of young Australians about discrimination and injustices, and is glad to see the rising appreciation of the role that Aboriginal AFL players have on the game.

Michael is a History and English teacher who lives in Melbourne with his wife and two children, who wants kids to read more and the world to be a better place. The End of the Game is his first full length novel for young adults.

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