Football Fans in their own write

Football Fans in their own write


Compiled by: David Picken

It's a truism that's true: there is no football without fans.

In Football Fans in their own write, David Picken has invited some of the biggest names on the world stage, as well as those who are volunteers at community clubs who allow the game to thrive day-to-day, to write about why they are football fans.

From Pope Francis to the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle; from journalists such as Henry Winter, Simon Hill, and Ned Hall, to volunteers such as Victoria Morton of South Hobart FC and Jean Jackson of Port Vale in the UK; and from those in the entertainment industry such as Sir Tim Rice and Lex Marinos to those involved in the football industry such as Football Australia Chairman Chris Nikou.

We find out the 29 contributors' favourite teams, their journeys into football, and how the world game has affected and continues to affect their life.

Football Fans in their own write reminds us once again, of the huge tapestry of football fans of every colour, shape, and size who, together, form the world's largest and most passionate community. 

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Format: Paperback
Published:  August 2021
ISBN:  978-1-925914-75-7, 978-1-925914-76-4 (ePub)
Weight: 186
Size:  234mm x 156mm
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Imprint: Fair Play Publishing