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If I started to cry, I wouldn't stop

If I started to cry, I wouldn't stop


Author: Matthew Hall

If I started to cry, I wouldn't stop'  is a snapshot in time - of the glorious, problematic, and cursed path of football in Australia (yes all those things), starting with Mark Bosnich in Sydney in 1996 and ending with Harry Kewell in Istanbul in 2009 - and many things in between, to which Matthew had a front row seat.

At a time when football wasn't quite so 'cool' or popular, Matthew managed to actually get paid to report on the game, beyond the hamstrings and groins, and looking - as he says - back stage.

For anyone who remembers these times, it's a terrific trip down memory lane. For those who don't, or who were not even alive at the time, read and learn!

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Format: Paperback 
Published: March 2019
ISBN:  978-0-6484073-8-6
978-0-6484073-9-3 (ePub)
Weight: 331g
Size: A5
Pages: 216
Imprint: Fair Play Publishing