The Gaffer

The Gaffer


Author: P.J. Laverty

Thomas 'Tam the Bam' Bamford is the most reviled football fan on the Isle of Guff, known for his disgusting manner and terrible attitude. However, when his mother dies and he comes into a small fortune, he buys a fifty-one percent share in the Guff Rovers and becomes their gaffer. Despite his lack of experience and incompetence, he has to shape up and improve the team, or they’ll be out of the league. But with a team that hates him and Tam’s terrible attitude, there’s a long road ahead.

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Format: Paperback
Published:  November 2022
ISBN:  978-1-925914-46-7
ISBN: 978-1-025014-54-2 (ePub)
Weight: 0.4kg
Size:  219mm x 152mm
Pages:  240 TBC
Imprint: Popcorn Press