Big month for a small publisher

Big month for a small publisher

For a small, independent publisher, May was a big month. We had two books rolling off the presses and out into really good bookstores everywhere.

At the beginning of the month, our first book under our new imprint, Pepper Press (books about Life) was published. When A Soulmate Says No debuted with an extract in the Nine Media newspapers and it unleashed the worst of social media on unsuspecting author, Amanda Trenfield. Bearing in mind it was an extract, social media reacted either (a) by taking the p*ss; (b) with moral outrage; or (c) by being nasty. Suffice to say, Amanda and the book endured the storm in a teacup and those who want to read about her journey from a life-changing moment that didn't work out to reinventing herself and her life entirely, will appreciate the raw honesty and the advice on how she did it. When A Soulmate Says No is available in paperback and as an e-book. 

At the end of the month, one of our three books to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Socceroos was released. Burning Ambition - The Centenary of Australia-New Zealand Football Ashes by Nick Guoth and Trevor Thompson tells the story of how the team we know and love today as the Socceroos came to be; and the dreamers and toilers in football administration in Australia and New Zealand who made the first international series happen. There are a few nuggets in there, some familiar tales of internecine battles between state federations (roll eyes - what's changed!?), and one aspect where the first international match between the two countries, on 17th June 1922, was a first in the world. But we won't spoil the story - buy it for yourself! Burning Ambition is a softcover, with an e-book version available later this month. 

The other two books that commemorate the #Socceroos100 are From Grassroots to Green and Gold by Greg Werner, and the Centenary Edition of the Encyclopedia of Socceroos by Andrew Howe. Watch out for them later this year!

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