December already!

December already!

November went quickly!

And, after much planning and chopping and changing (due to COVID), the 2020 Football Writers' Festival has been and gone.

Sadly, we missed a few speakers, as well as attendees, from Victoria, Queensland and South Australia who could not make it because of travel restrictions (again due to COVID).

Only a few days before, we were all sent into shock when South Australia had its sudden severe lockdown but, even then, Andrew Howe was determined to make it. At that time, you were not supposed to leave the house, but you could fly on an aircraft out of Adelaide. Andrew was still figuring that one out, when there was a late reprieve in South Australia, and he was very happy to make it without too much subterfuge.

The Festival itself was wonderful. The location and venue at Manly in suburban Sydney was relaxed and welcoming. The line-up was diverse and provided so much food for thought, entertainment and inspiration. Once again, it showed that when a group of football people come together - and away from their devices - and just have a chat about the sport and the issues around the sport, we find there's so much more that brings us together than the other way around.

Thanks again to the Johnny Warren Football Foundation, Synergy Sports, FNR for supporting the Festival and for StreamGate for providing the live stream of all-but-one session.

We are now gradually adding the podcasts of those sessions to our Football Insiders series of podcasts on the FPP website, so have a listen to them now - or later - as we share one each week until mid-January, and with a three week-break over Christmas/New Year.

Speaking of the festive season, now's the time to start thinking about gifts and there's nothing better than a book to share about the history, culture and stories of football in Australia. Whether it be fact, fiction or something else, we've got a host of really good football books to choose from - and even more on the way in 2021.

Francis Awaritefe, Christine Whyte, Andy Bernal and Craig Foster at #FWF2020.


Happy Reading starts here!