Father's Day already!

Father's Day already!

Yikes! Father's Day has crept up on us this year with the first Sunday in September being the very first day of the month.

Yep - Sunday 1 September is Father's Day which means it's only three weeks away.

We reckon every dad likes a good football book, so we've got two special offers.

  1. Free postage for every order valued at $75 or more; and/or

  2. 50% off every one of our UK football books.

To take advantage of (1), just add the Coupon Code 'Fathers Day' in the Coupon Code box at checkout and please make sure you order by Tuesday 27 August so we can make sure the books get to you in time.

We also have another special ... a White Edition softback version of Andrew Howe's Encyclopedia of Socceroos from 2018. This is the same Encyclopedia as the original but in soft back in Socceroos white, rather than in hardback, at a greatly reduced price of $36.

We also have one remaining Gold Edition Encyclopedia of Socceroos in gold hardback with dust jacket and gold slip case for $71.50

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