Greece. Jarrod. Jacinda.

Greece. Jarrod. Jacinda.


This isn't a travel e-news. It's just a gratuitous use of a photograph of Santorini, one of many beautiful Greek islands, which is - believe it or not - actually relevant to one of our books. Greece, that is, not specifically Santorini. But do please read on!

Today should have been the start of EURO 2020 (which will now be held next year). Coincidentally, it's the same day EURO 2004 started when hosts Portugal were surprised by Greece in the opening game. Of course, those two teams meandered their way through the competition to play in the Final also - with Greece once again coming out on top. It was a remarkable victory and one of the greatest shocks in international football.

Our latest book, Achieving the Impossible - released today to mark the dual EURO occasion - tells the story. Yes, sure, we all know the happy ending for Greece, the Greek people and the large and proud Greek diaspora - but it's the first time a book has been written about it in English. 

A book about a 16-year-old Greek victory in Portugal, written by an American - or 'GrAmerican' - George Tsitsonis, and published in Australia. How good is that!

But, as they say in the classics, that's not all folks.

We've also recently published our third fiction book under our Popcorn Press imprint. Jarrod Black Guilty Party follows on from the first two unashamed football novels by author Texi Smith: Introducing Jarrod Black and Jarrod Black Hospital Pass.

If you want a bit of quick, enjoyable, pacy reading themed around football, Jarrod Black - a journeyman Aussie living and playing in England - is your man.

For a complete change of pace, lawyer and agent Peter Paleologos has also written a guide for youth footballers on regulations around youth football.

The Australian Youth Footballer Regulatory Guide is a 'must have' guide for young players, parents, coaches, clubs .... and maybe even other agents; and is available in e-book format.

If you haven't already caught our PLAY ON e-magazine, the third edition is also out today on the theme of Football Futures, with a somewhat different cover image for a football mag ... of New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.


The 2023 World Cup Bid. You can read more about it here, as well as in PLAY ON, but in a nutshell, a FIFA insider (not an Aussie or a Kiwi) said to us earlier in the week that PM Ardern is the "icing on the cake" and the "secret weapon" of the joint bid, so high is her recognition and credibility factor. 

We refer to her as a "super cool, super competent, super mum" Prime Minister.

There are 11 great reads in this month's PLAY ON from 11 terrific writers, all with their own slant on the theme of Football Futures. (Next month's theme is 1982.

And if that's still not enough football for you, why not tune-in to our podcast series called Football Insiders

So far we've talked to authors, commentators and insiders to chat about their work, the state of play in football today as well as learn just what they're listening to in the amazing, 'living history' year that 2020 is proving to be. 

Until next time, stay safe, stay socially distant and stay well. #Washyourhands.

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