It's time to read some new books!

It's time to read some new books!

If you want evidence that 2020 wasn't spent watching Netflix or playing Call of Duty, just check out our upcoming new releases.

  • The first cab off the rank is Dr Hunter Fujak's Code War$ - the Battle for Fans, Dollars and Survival, which traces the past, present and future of the cut throat cultural and commercial competition between the four football codes. A 'must read' book for anyone interested in understanding the forces that shape Australia's sports landscape.

  • Next is Texi Smith's fourth unashamed football novel, Anna Black - this girl can play! Being fiction, we don't want to say too much, but we can confirm she is a relative of Jarrod Black, and she is a star of the W-League and for the Matildas as they play in the World Cup on home soil in 2023.

  • Towards the end of April we welcome a player autobiography. What a read it is. Andy Bernal's Riding Shotgun - the Autobiography of the Original Wizard of Oz is simply incredible. In our opinion, Riding Shotgun is probably the best of its genre - that is, an Australian player or coach biography - written to date. Big call maybe, but that's what we reckon and we've read the lot (and even written one!).

Join us for our first 'Meet the Author' event when Dr Hunter Fujak is in conversation with journalist Michael Cain about Code War$, at North Sydney Oval on Wednesday March 17th. RSVP here.


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