Seeking Emerging Women Writers

Seeking Emerging Women Writers

We're delighted to announce the Emerging Women Writers initiative as part of the 2023 Football Writers Festival that will be held next July, days ahead of the opening match in Australia of the 2023 Women's World Cup.

We'll be spending five weeks enjoying the best of women's football - so why not also give emerging women writers an opportunity to shine and be published on a broader stage? 

The competition is global. Our stellar line-up of judges includes Stephanie Brantz from Australia, Laura Williamson deputy editor of The Athletic UK, Inas Mazhar deputy editor of Al-Ahram in Egypt, Camini Marajh investigative journalist from Trinidad and Tobago, Osasu Obayuiwana of Nigeria, Nick Harris of the Mail on Sunday UK, and Fair Play Publishing's founder (and three times author), Bonita Mersiades.

​If you know an emerging woman writer, please let her know about this exciting program. Entries close at the end of January. Up to 20 entries will be published in an anthology entitled Hear Us Roar! and up to three entrants will be invited to attend and present at the Football Writers Festival. 

Thanks also to sports performance lab, eo, for becoming a supporting sponsor of the Emerging Women Writers initiative.

We're delighted to be supported by an organisation which believes in the science of defiance, and appreciate their encouragement of women aspiring to defy convention by becoming a football writer. 

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November is World Cup month at Fair Play Publishing!