Socceroos turn 100 in June and we're celebrating!

Socceroos turn 100 in June and we're celebrating!

Vegemite, Yankee Stadium, Vitamin D tablets, comic books, centre court at Wimbledon, the blender, and the BBC. Just some of the objects and institutions of our lives that turn 100 this year - along with the team we now know and love as the Socceroos (top right of pic).

But what did it take to be one of Australia's and New Zealand's first internationalists? 

In Burning Ambition - The Centenary of Australia-New Zealand Football Ashes, Nick Guoth and Trevor Thompson trace the genesis of the first Australia and New Zealand national teams, recount the inaugural three ‘Tests’ in New Zealand in June 1922, examine the obstacles to making the series happen, and the efforts of dreamers and toilers in both countries to make international football a reality.

It is one of the 'must have' books for 2022 that is important to our shared sporting history, as well as Australia’s and New Zealand’s respective history in embracing and reaching out to the wider world through sport.

We're celebrating the Socceroos' 100th, and the launch of Nick's and Trevor's book, with a football in the pub event in Sydney and Melbourne. As well as Nick and Trevor talking about the burning ambition of our first internationalists, the New Zealand Consul-General will be our special guest. 

Join us at one or the other, or both! Canapés and first drink on us. 


  • Tuesday 31st May, 6.30pm
  • The Lounge, Quarryman Hotel, Pyrmont


  • Thursday 16th June, 6.30pm (eve of the anniversary of the First Test)
  • The Cabinet Room, Imperial Hotel, Melbourne

Register here.

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Burning Ambition lights a fire for football football fans 100 years later