Sold Out!

Sold Out!

One of the challenges of being a new publishing company is knowing just how many books you should get printed. Considering our first publication was the magnificent Encyclopedia of Socceroos by Andrew Howe, this was a very difficult estimate indeed.

For those of you fortunate enough to have one, you know the book is truly beautiful and lives up to its promotional material as a 'keepsake'.

It was also very expensive to get designed, printed and shipped - let alone the time, effort and care that Andrew put into its content over 25 years!

I admit that when I saw the pallets of Encyclopaediae arriving back in May, I took a deep breath, wondering whether we'd sell them all and wondering whether the capital my fledgling boutique company had outlaid would be recouped.

I am delighted that we were able to announce today that we have sold them all.

Congratulations and thank you to all the purchasers who bought the first edition. As we said on social media, we will be doing a second (Centenary) edition in 2022 and before then, we'll also be publishing the Encyclopedia of Matildas next year - so be on the lookout for news and updates about that towards the end of this year.

We were pleased as publisher to be able to give the #1 edition to the National Library of Australia (although when we last looked, they still hadn't recorded the 'legal deposit' even though they've had it since 6 June), as well as gift editions to Football Federation Australia, plus those who helped us along the way: Andrew of course, Ray Gatt, Roy Hay, Kristen Thornton, Eileen Shorrock, Andy Harper and the man who made it look beautiful, designer Leslie Priestley.

At Andrew's request, we also gave copies to his parents, Bev and Frank, as well as Doug Butcher, Paul Marcuccitti and Greg Werner.

Congratulations again to Andrew. It is truly magnificent #statsgeek work over all these years. We are privileged and honoured to have played a part in bringing the stories of Australia's 600 (and counting) Socceroos to you.

Thank you to Ray Gatt for his contribution with the World Cup captains profiles, and to Andy Harper for the very Andy Harper-esque foreword.

Thanks also to Katie (sales) and Nick (warehouse/distribution), who have both been terrific; plus our helpers at various launches around the country - Brogan Renshaw, Christo Patsan, George Cotsanas, Tom Kalas, Vicky and Rabieh Krayem, Pat Boyle and Ron Smith, plus Marconi Stallions FC, Broadmeadow Magic FC, South Melbourne FC, Ipswich Pride FC and Ipswich City Council, Adelaide City FC and Muse Bookshop Canberra.

Last, but not least, thank you to the Socceroos past and present. We hope this terrific book, and the fact that it has sold out, is a further demonstration to all of you just how much you mean in the lives of so many of us.



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