To Festival or Not to Festival?

To Festival or Not to Festival?

That really is the question.

We've had quite a few inquiries about whether the Football Writers' Festival scheduled for 1-3 October 2021 in Jamberoo will take place. The short answer? We don't know. What we do know is that we will make a call on this much closer to the event, around mid-September, but we start from the position that if we can possibly have it, we will.

  • It may mean numbers are limited as per person space restrictions are likely still to apply regardless of anything else.

  • The Jamberoo area itself is not currently under lockdown like Greater Sydney and surrounds. It is part of the Kiama Council.

  • For those coming from outside of Sydney, you can actually get there without going through Sydney with flights from Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart to Shellharbour Airport or, depending on border closures, Canberra Airport. The airline which flys there is Link Airways (formerly Corporate Air) which was founded in 1972. Their fleet comprises mostly SAAB340s. Just a thought.

  • If you haven't booked accommodation, we are holding extra rooms in Jamberoo and Kiama and should be able to help you with this once things are clearer.

  • We recommend you get vaccinated. We know the accepted marketing norm is never to p*^^ off potential customers but if you're an anti-vaxxer, it's fair to say that #FWF21 is not the place for you.

  • On the other hand, if you genuinely can't get one by then, we understand and you're welcome.

  • Finally, if you have bought a ticket and we do have to cancel, your ticket will be refunded.

We have an absolutely terrific line-up, our fingers are crossed, and we're channelling our Inner Dusty Springfield that we will all see one another in October.
WHAT'S ON AT #FWF21? Friday evening:
  • Michael Cockerill Oration given by Dr Andy Harper

  • 'Portraits in Football' Exhibition, an exclusive exhibition of photographs from the former Fairfax Media Archive

  • Entry $35 including canapés & complimentary drink on arrival

Saturday and Sunday:

  • Football Writers' Festival, including the Legends' Happy Hour, and Hard Quiz with the Ladies' League

  • Entry $15 for the weekend

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