50 years ago today

50 years ago today

It was 50 years ago today that the team we know as the #Socceroos debuted in the World Cup, facing off against East Germany in Hamburg. This historic match marked the beginning of a legacy that inspires football fans and young players around the country.

It was a pivotal moment in Australian football history. It helped put Australia on the global football map and paved the way for the sport's success and growth in the country. The legacy of that match continues to inspire young players and fans alike.

The Socceroos team that took the field in Hamburg 50 years ago was a group of talented, dedicated, 'part-time' players who proudly represented Australia. Their dedication to the sport and their country set the foundation for future generations of Australian footballers.

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Celebrate 50 years of Socceroos history and the incredible legacy of this iconic team.

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