All you want for Christmas is...

All you want for Christmas is...

Christmas rolls around again, and Fair Play Publishing celebrates the end of the second full year of publishing really good football books (although we've actually been around longer).

If you haven't looked at our books before, Christmas is the perfect time to do so.

A book as a gift lasts far longer than so many ephemeral things that we're enticed with at this time of year.

You can hold it, smell it (although, to be fair, contemporary printing techniques don't quite have the same odour!), flick the pages, look at the pics, and read and re-read or, if you're like someone in our household, underline really important bits of text. Yep! With a pencil!

In our two years of publishing, we're proud to have brought to life 12 new books, one reprint and introduced you to eight new authors.

The Fair Play Publishing library ranges across:

  • football politics (Whatever It Takes ...)

  • football fan culture (Support Your Local League)

  • good football stories (If I Started To Cry)

  • glimpses into some of our players (Surfing for England)

  • memoir (The Time of My Football Life)

  • significant contributions to understanding and knowing the history of Australian football (Encyclopedia of Socceroos and Matildas; Chronicles of Soccer in Australia; Playing for Australia)

  • a look at the intersection of Australian history and culture with Indigenous players (The Aboriginal Soccer Tribe)

  • another that looks at the intersection of politics, economics, culture and football at the time of Brazil 2014 (The World Cup Chronicles), and

  • two terrific football novels (Introducing Jarrod Black and Jarrod Black Hospital Pass).

Take a look at our range here, which also includes some wonderful books from our UK partners, DeCoubertin Books.

If you want a book for a Christmas present, please make sure you place your order by Wednesday 18 December to be sure of delivery.

And if you've read all those, or - gasp! - none of those interest you, we've got some terrific titles coming up next year also.

We're also deep into planning for the second Football Writers' Festival, with two of our international speakers - Shireen Ahmed of Canada and James Corbett of the UK - already announced, as well as an exciting Emerging Writers' Program to encourage writers under 30 to submit a long form essay on any football topic.

The second Football Writers' Festival will be held once again at the home of the Johnny Warren Football Museum at the Jamberoo Pub on 23-24 May 2020.

Best wishes to all our readers and shoppers for a wonderful festive season and a happy and healthy 2020.

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