The soundtrack of our latest book

The soundtrack of our latest book

When we think about our next book, The Time of My Football Life (or how I spent my long service leave) by David Picken, there's just something about it. Different songs come to mind.

First there's this one - pretty obvious in light of the book title.

But because the book is all about David's 'boy's own adventure' to the 2006 World Cup, we can't help but think of the Socceroos and our so-called golden generation back then. Hard to believe it was more than 13 years ago!

You've got to get to the chorus to get to the point of this one if you can put up with the blandness of the verse.

(Side point: this writer's father used to say this woman had one of the most boring voices he had heard and she completely ruined what is actually an old Russian folk song - those were the days indeed, dad - RIP. Was he being unkind?).

However, because it's about a World Cup and FIFA, and a World Cup we know was won corruptly - hello bad guys - Billie Ellish does it for us.

And who could forget this?! #Stuttgart. #Straya.

Finally, there's The Shadows.

Little did David know when he wrote about one of his streetscape highlights of the Germany World Cup that this from The Shadows would be quite so relevant nine years later.

Don't worry - this book has none of that FIFA corruption stuff in it - except maybe a tiny hint of it! - but we'll leave you with this one and urge you to buy David's book to find out WTF we're talking about!

By the way, if you're in Melbourne on Monday 11 November, join us at the Golden Gate Hotel, South Melbourne from 6.30pm-8pm as FOX Sport's Simon Hill launches The Time of My Football Life. Meet and have a chat with Simon, meet and buy the book of David, and have a beer on us!

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