Australia - you're spoilt!

Australia - you're spoilt!

We've searched and searched, and we can't find another national team anywhere in the world which has its own encyclopedia (other than the Matildas which we also publish). 

The Encyclopedia of Socceroos Centenary Edition 1922 to 2022 by Andrew Howe is a magnificent piece of work - even more so than the first edition four-and-a-half years ago prior to the 2018 World Cup.

It is 444 pages with detailed biographical and statistical data on Australia's capped players, as well as the 325 men who played in non-A internationals, tables, charts and photographs.

From Andrew's and our perspective, there is a distinction without being a difference between the capped and non-capped players and we thought it was important in this centenary year of the team we know and love as the Socceroos that we bring together information on the 950+ players who have played for their country.

The book looks magnificent - for which we thank designer Leslie Priestley - but it is the work behind it is which is a testament to Andrew's dedication and commitment over almost 30 years.

Quite simply, Andrew is a treasure to Australian football, and this is the best of his work. 

We are so proud to publish it.

If you would like a copy for yourself - remember, one of only two encyclopediae in the world of a national football team - then order it NOW. We will do a limited second print run, and then that's it. 

Otherwise, try your local bookstore quoting the title, author, ISBN and publisher as there are copies available at really good bookstores. 

As we said: Australia - you're spoilt. You've got Andrew Howe's work. Plus you've got us to bring it to you.*

And #GoSocceroos!

*  P.S. There will be an Encyclopedia of Matildas World Cup Edition by Andrew Howe and Greg Werner to be launched at next year's Football Writers Festival in Sydney from 15th-17th July 2023. 

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