World Cup Reading List

World Cup Reading List

If you're heading to the World Cup in Qatar, you're going to have lots of downtime. Not only on the 14-hour flight there and back, but also between games. Even if you go to every game, you'll still have down time. Trust us. A tourist mecca it's not.

If you're not heading to the World Cup in Qatar, you'll need something - besides coffee! - to help keep the adrenalin going as we await Socceroos matches.

So either way we've got you sorted with our World Cup Reading List. 

Whatever It Takes - The Inside Story of the FIFA Way by Bonita Mersiades, described by the late investigative journalist Andrew Jennings as "the best book about the FIFA scoundrels" and by journalist Philippe Auclair as a "nervy, gripping read". It is the only insider account of the murky and corrupt 2018/2022 World Cup bidding process. 

My Incredible World Cup Journey by Michael Renouf, a football, personal and social change memoir from the author's first World Cup in Argentina in 1978 through to Brazil in 2014.

Encyclopedia of Socceroos Centenary Edition by Andrew Howe, the definitive guide to the more than 950 men who have represented Australia on the football field from 1922 to 2022.

Game by J.J. Rose, a wondrously crafted fictional political thriller about the bid to host the 2022 World Cup.

The Gaffer by P.J. Laverty, a feel good, humorous and charming novel to help you feel better about football, which takes you back to the days before the Premier League. 

If you were to buy each book individually, the total cost would be $166, but we're offering the World Cup Reading List of all five books for a World Cup-only price of $145 until midnight on November 20th. 

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