Final Reminder: Don't miss the 2023 Football Writers' Festival

Final Reminder: Don't miss the 2023 Football Writers' Festival

What more can we say to convince you that the 2023 Football Writers' Festival has the best line-up of writing talent you'd ever hope to see, hear from, or meet in once place?

The hosts and panellists include:

Adam Peacock, Adrian Arciuli Andrew Kamanga (Zambia), Andy Bernal, Ante Juric, Annesha Ghosh (India), Brendan Schwab, Ciara McCormack (Canada), Courtney Fewquandie, Craig Foster AM, Duncan Tweed, Elissia Carnavas, Francis Awaritefe, Dr Hunter Fujak, Inas Mazhar (Egypt), Professor Jack Beetson, Jack Kerr, Jade North, James Corbett (UK), Dr Karen Menzies, Marcela Mora y Araujo (Argentina), Matthew Galea, Matthew Hall, Dr Michelle O'Shea, Murray Shaw, Nicholas Rupolo, Nick Harris (UK), Osasu Obayiuwana (Nigeria), Philippe Auclair (France/UK), Pokuah Frimpong, Samantha Lewis, Sarah Dingle, Simon Hill, Steve Darby (UK), Tariq Panja (UK), Thomas Hitzlsperger (Germany), Tracey Holmes, Trixie Tagg

...and then there are the authors:

Adam Muyt, Alina Ruprecht (Germany), Andrew Howe, Clare Shine (Ireland), David Picken, Ellen van Neerven, Dr Fiona Crawford, Flora Snelson (UK), Dr Greg Downes, Greg Werner, Dr Ian Syson, Jason Goldsmith, Professor Jean Williams (UK), Emeritus Professor John Maynard, Liz Deep-Jones, Mark Bowman, Olga Bagatini (Brazil), Sally Freedman, Samindra Kunti (Belgium), Steffany Wangari Ndei (Kenya), Stuart Thomas, Texi Smith.

Saturday 15th July: 10am - 5.15pm, followed by
Happy Hour & Hypothetical: 5.30pm-9.30pm
Sunday 16th July:  10am - 5.15pm
Monday 17th July:  10am - 4pm

You will absolutely, truly, deeply kick yourself if you miss it. Get your tickets here.

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