Can't get enough of the Matildas?

Can't get enough of the Matildas?

Tonight's the night!

The Australian women's football team, who are ranked #10 in the world heading into the tournament, kick-off their campaign to win the 2023 World Cup by taking on the much-less fancied Republic of Ireland (#22).

Tonight's match is followed by group games against Nigeria (#40) in Brisbane and Canada (#7) in Melbourne. 

On the basis of ranking, the Matildas should make it through to the Round of 16 - a view supported by statistician Andrew Howe who said at the recent Football Writers' Festival that Australia is "on track" to a "significant performance" on home soil.

If you want to know more about the team, and all those who came before them, make sure you get hold of the Encyclopedia of Matildas - World Cup Edition by Andrew Howe and Greg Werner, and The First Matildas - the 1975 Asian Ladies Championship by Greg Downes.

Available at good bookstores and directly from us.

Wherever you're watching it, enjoy the game!

And #GoMatildas.

Final Reminder: Don't miss the 2023 Football Writers' Festival

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