Shirley's Story

Shirley's Story

We have two different releases in April, the first being from our Pepper Press imprint, our books about Life.

It is an incredible true crime read - Shirley's Story by Emily Eklund Power. 

​Shirley Singh was in Fiji with her husband attending a family wedding when she received a 'phone call to return to Australia immediately. The reason? Three of her four children had been murdered. It was 22 April 2003. 

Having gone through Court documents in detail, and interviewed detectives working on the case, as well as Shirley and her husband Vijay, Emily Eklund Power has put together what happened, the case against the person who committed the murderers and, through all this, just how Shirley Singh has coped with the unimaginable. Three years ago, in the midst of Covid, Shirley's eldest daughter who lived in Melbourne tragically and suddenly died or a brain aneurysm.

On those days when you need to dig deep, be inspired by Shirley's Story of strength, courage, and hope.

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