The Socceroos World Cup Odyssey

The Socceroos World Cup Odyssey

Now that the World Cup is over (and what a five weeks that was!), we  turn to the Socceroos and a wonderful two-volume set from Emeritus Professor John Maynard outlining the Socceroos World Cup Odyssey from 1965 to 2002 (Volume 1) and 2006 to 2022 (Volume 2). 

With a Foreword by the late Rale Rasic, Volume 1 starts with the history of the World Cup from its beginning in 1930 and the first World Cup in which Australia took part - the 1966 campaign - which ended for Australia in Phnom-Penh in 1965. It includes the 1974 World Cup, and ends with the defeat in Montevideo in 2001.

Volume 2 is a series of successful campaigns tracing our five successive World Cup appearances from 2006 to 2022 inclusive. 

Socceroos - A World Cup Odyssey is an in-depth look at the team's history with commentary on every qualifying match, the role and decisions of governing bodies such as FIFA and Football Australia, media coverage, and the reception afforded to players and coaches. 

It is a significant history of the game: simultaneously viewed through the expert eyes of an eminent historian and written by a passionate, lifelong fan.

Two more fabulous football books to add to the library. (And warning! They look similar, so make sure you look for the Volume number at really good bookstores).

Note: if you buy both volumes directly from us, a 10% discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

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