What makes a football fan?

What makes a football fan?

While everyone loves their national team, and we revel in the Matildas as they make their way through the World Cup, most of us usually start our passion for football with a club.

It can be something passed down through the generations, or about where you live, or some intangible moment when a particular team becomes 'yours' for ever, through hell or high water. 

The concept of fandom is explored in our latest book, Football Fans in their own write compiled by David Picken. 

From Pope Francis to Bishop Libby Lane, actor Sir Tom Courtenay to antiquarian Eric Knowles, and from journalists Henry Winter to Australia’s Peter Wilkins, Football Fans in their own write offers a unique insight into what fires the passion for a football team, and what keeps the fires burning.
David says he has long had the idea of exploring why people support a particular team in his head – inspired by attending a Church service in South Australia soon after the Pope Francis was appointed Pontiff in 2013. 
In compiling the book, Dave wrote to football fans he identified from all walks of life inviting them to write, in their own words, what drove them to support one team over another, resulting in a collection of tales that is both insightful and charming.

Why does the uber-famous British lyricist and author Sir Tim Ricesupport Sunderland? Did you know Football Australia Chairman, Chris Nikou, has an equal passion for South Melbourne and Liverpool? Most Australian football fans know that commentator Simon Hill loves Manchester City, but what is the reason? And what is it about Bath City that inspires such devotion from renowned film director, Ken Loach?  
As well as high profile clerics, artists, and football people, Football Fans in their own write also includes stories of football fandom from volunteers, medics and politicians including the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle. 

Do any Australian teams make it? As a matter of fact, yes - but you'll have to get the book to find out who and what. 

David's author proceeds from Football fans in their own write will be donated to UNICEF.

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The contributors to Football Fans in their own write

Arts and Entertainment

  • Sir Tom Courtenay
  • Eric Knowles
  • Ken Loach
  • Lex Marinos
  • Sir Tim Rice 

The Clerics

  • Pope Francis
  • Bishop Libby Lane

Football People

  • Steve Darby
  • Frank Farina
  • Heather Garriock
  • Keith Hackett
  • Chris Nikou
  • Brendan Schwab
  • Carol Shanahan

Journalists and Writers

  • Tim Gavel
  • Ned Hall
  • Roy Hay
  • Simon Hill
  • Angela Smith
  • Peter Wilkins
  • Henry Winter

The Volunteers

  • Eddie Jackson
  • Jean Jackson
  • Victoria Morton

The Medics

  • Bill Kirkup
  • Sir Jonathan Van-Tam

The Politicians

  • Lord David Blunkett
  • Sir Lindsay Hoyle
  • Joan Walley

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