The Year of the Matildas

The Year of the Matildas

We reckon that we are the only football country in the world with an encyclopedia about each of their two senior national teams.

That's not just something for us to be proud of as publishers, as well as authors, designers, and everyone else involved in the 'village' that gets a book together, but also all you 'football people' - especially those discerning enough to own both. 

In other words, Australian football is unique because of its football books!

And we're delighted to announce that the up-to-date Encyclopedia of Matildas Beyond the World Cup 2023 has arrived on to our shelves, and on to those of really good bookstores around the country, just in time for Christmas. 

Get it now! Our pre-World Cup edition sold out fast, and this one will too.

And  be content in the knowledge that you will have not just a great Christmas gift to give someone who loves the Matildas, but one that is unique too.

The Encyclopedia of Matildas Beyond the World Cup 2023 is written by lead author Andrew Howe with the support of Greg Werner. 

It was 50 years ago today!

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