Just Because by Lisa Gallate

We need to talk about grief

OUT TODAY is Lisa Gallate's self-help memoir Just Because.

It's about love, loss, and renewal after something all of us experience but we seldom talk about - all-consuming grief. 


“Just Because hits you like a tonne of bricks! This is a brave, brave book by Lisa Gallate and one that will live long in the memory. Lisa has courageously charted her experience through love, loss and grief and not only in a vulnerable way, but in a manner that gives back generously to the community. I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially if you have lost a loved one and are in need of honest, beautiful encouragement.”

Geoff Olds, Executive Counsellor and author of Death of an Entrepreneur and Break Up, Break Down, Break Through

Just Because is available in paperback and as an e-book

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