Football Writers' Festival Theme 1 - Hear Us Roar

Football Writers' Festival Theme 1 - Hear Us Roar

In case you missed it, the program for the 2023 Football Writers' Festival is now available. It's BIG and it's jam-packed with some of the great thinkers and writers in the game today, both from Australia and elsewhere.

We have five themes for this year's festival, so let's look at the first of them - Hear Us Roar, which is also the title of the anthology we are releasing of emerging women football writers following a global competition.

Grand ambitions and doing it our way

We hear from some of the women who help shape and tell the stories of the game, including our emerging women writers, as well as men who champion women in the game.

The reading list?

  • Hear Us Roar - an anthology of emerging women football writers

  • The First Matildas by Greg Downes

  • Encyclopedia of Matildas by Andrew Howe & Greg Werner

  • 'Get Your Tits Out for the Lads' by Sally Freedman

  • Green and Golden Boots by Jason Goldsmith
  • Personal Score by Ellen van Neerven

  • Scoring Goals in the Dark by Clare Shine

  • The Matilda Effect by Fiona Crawford

All books will be available for purchase at the Football Writers' Festival. The first five books listed above are published by Fair Play Publishing. 

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