Football Writers' Festival, Theme 2 - That's a Fact!

Football Writers' Festival, Theme 2 - That's a Fact!

Facts, evidence, truth are as important in football as in most areas of life. (Of course, a lot of effort goes into not necessarily sharing the truth from governing bodies and the like which is precisely why people who like the truth are vital.)

So another of our themes at this year's Football Writers' Festival is: That's a Fact.

It's for the curious, the truth-seekers, the fact-finders and knowledge-hunters. From award-winning international journalists to biographers, football historians to stats nerds—enjoy learning from, and debating with, the best in the business.

The relevant sessions include:

  • one of the world's leading experts on sports governance and why it's important, Jens Sejer Andersen from Denmark

  • the pre-eminent Olympics expert with the 2023 Olympic Power Index, Jens Weinreich from Germany

  • the walking encyclopedia of global sports salaries (and a lot more besides!), Nick Harris from the UK

  • a duo who has done a lot of investigative work in recent times on sports betting, match-fixing, and the impact on the game, Philippe Auclair from France and Jack Kerr from Melbourne, and

  • Australia's own walking encyclopedia (and actual Encyclopediae!) of everything Australian football, Andrew Howe.

Football Writers' Festival Theme 1 - Hear Us Roar

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